Friday, May 7, 2010

On to the next letter!!

Ok, so I wanted to add another photo for A last week, but we were having computer issues again and I didnt get a chance before we took the computer in for work.  So I will go ahead and move on to B, I will just add two pics!

Here are a couple of pics I shot last time I was out at Xcape Paintball, a local field that I go take pics at all the time during practice.  I love shooting Paintball, fast action lots of emotion, and the opportunity for some really awesome action shots! 

The featured shots today, though aren't really action shots though, they were more candid type portraits that I did some Photoshop work on.

Enough of my rambling on to the pics!!

Today B is for:
                                     -Black & White

This is a photo of Brian, one of the guys who plays for XFT, I caught him looking all contemplative and whatnot.  The color version of this is good, but something about it made me think to try a B&W conversion and it came out awesome!

This is Josh, we call him Kelso if you have ever seen "That 70's Show" you would understand why LOL.  I used to play with him on my old paintball team Columbus Wicked.  He plays with Brian on XFT now.  I saw the camo mask and thought the different colors would look good in B&W, and I was right!  I also experimented a bit with the Vignette option in Lightroom and tried something a little different.  I like the look, kind of old school.

Keep an eye out for some more B updates coming as soon as our computer gets back!!